Why I’m writing

There are lots of times that I see or hear things which I find humorous, sad,”OH MY”, or maybe different. Sometimes occasions popup which have me itching to make comment, but I have no outlet. Other times I just stick my nose where it really doesn’t belong and get stung or smacked, even bloodied. So here I am creating an outlet for my creativity and own personal enjoyment. We’ve all heard the expression  “Oh, for crying out loud.” Used to express frustration, exasperation, or annoyance.  I have twisted it a little and created, “Oh, for Thinking out loud!” What is thought will be wrought, could be scary!

Not really interested in a huge crowd of eager readers waiting on my every key stroke, but having a little fun, maybe even at my own expense. First scratch my head in  wonderment is-Is this blog even set up correctly? When I hit the publish button where does this creative thought process exit and reappear? I Do Not Know. It is now 11:30pm, I must lay down my head and all of it’s brain activity. Hopefully this will be saved.

Well, here we go, it is now 10:51am and I was able to find this draft and continue working on it. My best guess is that it was saved somewhere and now it’s back. Those of you who have already bookmarked this site need to be patient with me, because I work a real job and have duties to fulfill here at my house. It’s sad, I can not be just a sitting’ here pecking’ and picking’ on this keyboard 24/7. Living the life, is what will feed the fingers!

With that in mind. I finally finished cutting the grass in the backyard. The summer season has challenged this unmanned and rebellious haunt and I do not like to cut grass! Summer time this year-dry! Grass not growing and mowing not required, happy me! Then the showers came and the grass grew up straight and tall and I worked on the sunny days and it rained on the off days and the grass grew up straight and tall. Neighbors cut their grass and the pressure, oh the pressure for me to get that yard looking nice was intense. Started cutting Friday afternoon when the dew melted away. Push mower, unclog exit hole, shake mower up and down, push mower, repeat. One big circle, not getting smaller very fast! Stopped, I will finish tomorrow. Saturday shows up and many things done but grass not cut, and the grass grew up straight and tall! Sunday shines bright and I go to church. don’t cut grass on Sunday, and the grass grew up straight and tall! Monday is here. Lawn mower starts and I push, forward backward, backward forward, grass two feet tall, I’m losing this fight. The comic strip light bulb goes off and a picture of my weed eater pops into the little square, yes that will do the job! I bring out the weed eater and crank it up. I hear it yelling above the engine noise, “I’m not hungry. This grass is to much for me to eat.” I force feed it and the job is done. Looks like a mowed hay field waiting for the hay baler.

So what am I thinking out loud? Should a cut grass long time ago.

I have been busy and finally almost two weeks later I’m just ah gonna post this so I can be started. See where we go from here.





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