Three o’clock in the morning!

Why am I even awake? Now that/this is a good, really good question! Got home from work at 1:00am, after stopping at a QT store and eating one of their super good hot dogs. Love that chocolate milk! Then I stopped at the local Walmart to purchase a “I care for you” card for my sweet wife. Also got a new pair of shorts to wear here at home, no one needs to see these white Leghorn legs but people who love me, not a pretty sight! Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed at the Walmart. Here it is 12:30am, I walk into the store and first thing I see is a baby sound asleep on a blanket in a shopping cart. Thankfully items were not stacked and piled and resting on said child, just a sleeping child. And I’m thinking “someone should be home in bed”.

So, why am I awake? Don’t really know!