People are fun

Wyatt, my four year old grandson and I have spent the morning running around doing simple errands and of course interacting with different people along the way. Our first stop was an oil change and we were pleasantly surprised to see an old friend back behind the counter running the show. She had been gone a year, tried a different job, had a knee replaced and then was asked to come back and work at the oil change place. The owner realized he never should have let her go. Always fun to catch up with long time friends.

We than drove the scenic route to the closest Lowe’s, hunting for a certain type trash bag and a trash can. We found the can but not the bags. The kind man zapped our barcode and as I was paying Wyatt put the can over his head and started yelling “I love you”. It echoed around his head down his shoulders and through out the store. Everyone stopped and looked and laughed and said how cute! We slipped on out the door surrounded by happy feelings.

I really wanted those trash bags so we traveled down to the local Home Depot to see what we could see. The entrance doors open by sliding from the middle to both sides and they are motion activated as everyone knows.[ Wyatt did this at Lowe’s but I was not really focused on what he was doing.] As we approached the doors he would raise his arms stretch out his hands and say, “I command you to open.” Of course the doors opened and we walked through. I found my bags, paid the girl and we started out. The doors were closing as we walked toward them and they quickly opened back up. Wyatt said, “Stop, I want to open them.” We stopped and backed up so they would shut, then we are waiting a second for Wyatt to do his thing when two big Hispanic construction workers start to walk toward his doors. I put my hand out and say,”Stop!” They both stop and look at me and I point to Wyatt and he says, “I command you to open,” as he raises his hands and walks toward the doors. The doors open. He walks out, I follow him, and the two construction men follow me. I hear the men talking in Spanish and I don’t know what is said until one of them in English says, “He said, I command you to open.” AND they both roared with laughter.

When I’m by myself, not usually so much fun!